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District Leadership Conference


On Wednesday, November 16, the FFA South Magic Valley District met at the CSI Fine Arts building for their annual District Leadership Conference.

Twin Falls, Kimberly, Buhl, Castleford, Filer, Hansen, Murtaugh, and Jerome all competed in various competitions and participated in the leadership workshops.

In Creed speaking, a freshman from each school memorizes the FFA Creed and recites it in front of a panel of judges.  At the end, they are asked a question about the Creed and must answer on the spot.  Gloria Telles of Murtaugh placed 3rd, Grace Loman of Castleford placed 2nd, and Karsen King from Filer placed 1st and will be representing the South Magic Valley District at State in April.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies is a chance for each chapter to show their ability in reciting the seven parts of the ceremonies of the meetings.  The Filer team was 3rd, Kimberly was 2nd, and Jerome was 1st.

In Job Interview, a mock interview is set up with resumes, letters of recommendations, cover letters, and thank you notes at the end.  Each competitor chooses an occupation they wish to apply for and go through the process as if they really were applying for a job.  Jerome’s Alyssa Hansten placed 3rd, Filer’s Raychel Sheen placed 2nd, and Castleford’s Makaela Scott placed 1st and will be competing at State.

The Greenhand test is a knowledge test for freshmen on general FFA knowledge, the history of FFA, people in FFA, and more.  Karson King of Filer had the 3rd highest score, Zane Barckholtz of Filer 2nd, and Madison Parker of Filer 1st.  As a team, Murtaugh placed 3rd, Jerome 2nd, and Filer 1st.

After the competitions, the students were split into three different groups and rotated through various workshops.  Rob Lowe from the Idaho Department of Agriculture talked with the attendees about the many job opportunities they have in agriculture and the steps needed to be taken to achieve that goal.  

Retired State Officer Clancy Johnston explained how everyone has faced trials and been a victim.  He goes on to tell of what makes it one’s own story is how he/she reacts to the situation.  

Finally, the District Officers lead their own workshops, using the metaphor of a tree to describe leadership.

The next FFA event for the South Magic Valley District will be the Agronomy and Dairy Foods competitions Wednesday, December 14 at CSI.